Cinedrive – Motion control

cinedrive system

CineDrive is a revolutionary multi-axis camera motion control system. It gives users control over multiple axis such as slide, pan, tilt, zoom and focus that is configurable and repeatable opening up endless possibilities for capturing live action, stop motion or time-lapse sequences. CineDrive allows the programming of precise keyframe-able moves that can be manipulated and controlled wirelessly via an ipad. Jon Bader Photography has one of the first of these systems to arrive in Australia.

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Have a look at the Cinedrive website here

Recent work utilizing the Cinedrive system.

In this video for McDonald’s Mselections, The Cinedrive was used to execute a zoom out,tilt and follow focus move that was repeatable. This allowed the team to concentrate on achieving a beautiful ooze of sauce from the burger as the action was performed.

Mselections Promo Master F from Jon Bader on Vimeo.

This McDonald’s world cup promotion was made easy using Cinedrive’s programmable turntable.

WC Brazil Master F from Jon Bader on Vimeo.

In this Whiskey beauty shoot – Cinedrive was used to make smooth repeatable pouring actions by fixing the decanter to the pan and tilt axis.

Whisky Rocks from Jon Bader on Vimeo.

A repeatable tracking shot was programmed for this Dominos TVC so the pizzas could change flavour whilst the camera tracks from left to right.

Dominos TVC from Jon Bader on Vimeo.