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For this great campaign for The Star in Sydney I teamed up with stylist Imogen Naylor to create these stunning still life images based around The Star logo. Everything you see was shot ‘in camera’ with some retouching by Todd Southeren of Creation Theory. The biggest challenge was filling all the glasses for the champagne tower without spilling any!



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Hungry Jack’s Lime and Chilli chicken

For this brand new limited edition offering from Hungry Jack’s, I had the great pleasure of working with the legendary Eddie Hendel. Eddie created the rigs that enabled us to fire high velocity limes and chillies at each other to create the Lime and Chilli lockup for this fresh campaign. Shot in my studio using sound and laser triggering to capture the moment in super high resolution. What you can’t see in the picture is the fine mist of pulverized chilli and lime juice that had everybody choking by the end of the day!

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KFC - Zinger Taco

Coming to a bus side near you.

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SELECTOR WINTER 15I had the pleasure once again to work with the legendary Sardinian chef Giovanni Pilu and the super talented stylist Yael Grinham on this beautiful story for Selector Magazine. A great day with a great team and delicious food!

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Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 5.43.58 pm

The purpose of this 15s TV commercial for Hungry Jack’s was to showcase their custom built Whoppers. We shot the burgers layer by layer using a sophisticated digital motion control system that allowed us to program a complete move including track, pan, tilt, focus and zoom. We could then repeat the move endlessly with millimeter accuracy. So we could build the burgers layer by layer and edit it all together seamlessly so it looks like the burgers build and deconstruct themselves whilst the camera completes a smooth cinematic move.



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Here’s the latest metrolite poster I shot for KFC through ONE20 Sydney – Yummy!

Styling by Sally Parker

Check out more of my food and drink work here

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This is a story about Crave Coffee which is a boutique coffee roaster and espresso bar in Sydney’s Alexandria. CEO and roaster Chris Sharp takes us into the world of gourmet coffee roasting. We find out what drives him and his philosophies around the art of coffee and sustainability in the global coffee industry.

Filmed and Edited By Jon Bader

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Food by Brent Savage at Bentley
Shot by Jon Bader – Styled by Yael Grinham

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For McDonald’s recent Mselections and World Cup burger promotions Jon Bader was commissioned to shoot hero burger stills and capture motion content for instore digital menu boards. Jon was able to move from stills to motion utilizing his Cinedrive digital motion control system to program Slide,Pan,Tilt,Focus,Zoom and Turntable moves that were key frame editable and endlessly repeatable allowing for a small crew to focus on the food as the hero.

WC Brazil Master F from Jon Bader on Vimeo.

Mselections Promo Master F from Jon Bader on Vimeo.

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MFA0956_FAWW_275x220_Portuguise_V7Latest work completed for Masterfoods “Not all seasonings are black and white”. For this campaign we had to create two kitchen interior environments entirely from salt and pepper. This was painstakingly achieved as a real salt and pepper ‘artwork’ by Yippee Ki-Yay in Sydney which was captured digitally. We then carefully matched the food photography, angle, perspective and lighting  so the  images could be put together to create the finished ads.




See a time-lapse of the model make

Masterfoods Salt and Pepper Timelapse from Jon Bader on Vimeo.