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For McDonald’s recent Mselections and World Cup burger promotions Jon Bader was commissioned to shoot hero burger stills and capture motion content for instore digital menu boards. Jon was able to move from stills to motion utilizing his Cinedrive digital motion control system to program Slide,Pan,Tilt,Focus,Zoom and Turntable moves that were key frame editable and endlessly repeatable allowing for a small crew to focus on the food as the hero.

WC Brazil Master F from Jon Bader on Vimeo.

Mselections Promo Master F from Jon Bader on Vimeo.

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MFA0956_FAWW_275x220_Portuguise_V7Latest work completed for Masterfoods “Not all seasonings are black and white”. For this campaign we had to create two kitchen interior environments entirely from salt and pepper. This was painstakingly achieved as a real salt and pepper ‘artwork’ by Yippee Ki-Yay in Sydney which was captured digitally. We then carefully matched the food photography, angle, perspective and lighting  so the  images could be put together to create the finished ads.




See a time-lapse of the model make

Masterfoods Salt and Pepper Timelapse from Jon Bader on Vimeo.

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When director Darren Price and DOP David Wakeley needed to seamlessly match up multiple tracking shots on their latest TVC for Dominos Pizza they turned to the Cinedrive system to provide a compact and reliable motion control setup for the shoot. Shooting with the RED EPIC mounted on the Cinedrive was a breeze with minimal setup and calibration time. Controlling Slide, Pan, Tilt and focus – all from the on screen interface and the ability to keyframe and ‘nudge’ the focus around for each new setup made the whole process pretty painless. The rig was able to perform an accurate repetition of the move for the whole day. It just worked! For more info about how to use Cinedrive on your shoot contact me.



watch the TVC

Dominos TVC from Jon Bader on Vimeo.